EquiSure ™ should already exist for a long time!

We are sensitive to your testimonials relating the accidents of your loved ones. Catherine also had a serious accident. It is from her experience that we have designed EquiSure™. Of course EquiSure™ does not avoid the accident but allows to limit the consequences of these by warning relatives immediately. EquiSure™ has been designed and built for you to take the lead.

What does Equisure ™ bring to corded systems?

Firstly there are already long ago rope systems used in riding:

  • Ridersmate, an English system designed for motorbike riders and that had the merit of being the first.
  • CEECALL, a German system that is not yet commercialized.

These devices were innovative between 3 and 5 years ago. They are fastened onto the saddle or put into a pocket of the saddle cloth on one side and fasten to the rider’s trousers or other piece of clothing on the other side. They are both triggered in the same way: by pulling a cord when the rider falls off the horse, which can provoke a huge shock to the rider’s pelvis or back. Both systems use GSM because the coverage of GSM 2G (SMS) is the one that is the most important in Europe and as well as in the rest of the world. The system remains on the horse but could potentially be torn off during the fall and pulls the attachment point to the saddle or comes out of the pocket.

The development of such a product today cannot therefore be considered as an innovation of any kind.

The benefits that EquiSure™ brings to these systems:

  • A reflection on what characterizes a fall: it is not the pulling of a rope but a shock that identify that identify the fall.
  • An absence of discomfort for the rider and the horse since no rope is in contact with the protagonists, does not bounce on the saddle, on the rider’s leg, does not pass under the saddle, and isn’t wrapped around the waist rider…
  • A virtual link, which makes it unlikely for the rider to caught into branches in the forest and trigger a false alarm, as it sometimes happens to riders equipped with inflatable vests that release their gas cartridge being on their horse.
  • A virtual link that makes Equisure™ a true innovation, a breakthrough innovation that required intense reflection to move away from the physical rope.
  • A virtual link that allows you to voluntarily trigger an alert or cancel it without having to run behind your horse to reconnect your system without using your phone since you will do it in Bluetooth.
  • Two systems that communicate with each other and not just one, which stays on the horse. The advantage of Equisure™ is to be able to know what is going on for the horse but most of all to know what happened to the rider and if his fall is serious.
  • A system that is only at the beginning of its development, which allows many applications because of the richness of the two devices.

Equisure™ is THE security system of the 21st century!

Why have we chosen GSM?

First because the network for phones is the GSM network. The alternative would have been to use the SIGFOX network but this dedicated network concerns simple objects such as freezers, coffee machines, electricity meters, etc … and does not concern mobile devices such as smartphones, smartphones laptops and tablets, already having their own means of connection: 2G / 3G, WiFi, Ethernet, etc.

Secondly, because EquiSure ™ is a critical system for saving lives and we could not imagine that limitations of use could be imposed on us. The GSM 2G (SMS) covers most of the territory. For the rest of the territory that is not covered we implement our positioning algorithm.
We want the greatest positioning accuracy. With the GPS, we are able to position the accident site within 10m, which makes a circular search surface for the emergency services of 314m2.The precision obtained by triangulation by the best antenna network (Sigfox in this case) is a few kilometers which means at least (1km) a circle of 3.14km2 to cover to find some way an unconscious rider and if the accuracy is 2 kilometers an area of 12km2.

For other reasons, it was inconceivable to consider anything other than GSM for your safety!

Does EquiSure™ work without network signal?

With EquiSure™ we had to deliver the alert of an accident at the earliest. If no one can send an alert when no network is available, regardless of the network, we have to find a solution. This is why EquiSure™ does not issue an alarm when there is no signal, thus saving its batteries. This is also why the alert will be issued in DELAY. When a rider who is riding outdoors is unconscious his only hope is his horse. This is why the horse beacon will send the alert as soon as it receives the signal again. So, the alert will be delivered at the earliest !

Does EquiSure™ work if I fall somewhere else than on my head?

Of course it does !
Well… falling off 1m60 without banging his head is a feat, that even the best judokas will have difficulty avoiding on a roll of face. But falling on the side, it’s even more difficult.
But even if it happens, EquiSure™ detects shock. A shock is a wave that runs through the body. Try to jump with your feet together and try to feel the transmission to your body: your knees are damping, your arms are flapping, and you are experiencing this jump.
Then falling 1m60, EquiSure™ has no trouble in detecting shock.

What happens if the horse tears off his bridle?

In forty years of experience in the equine environment we have seen this case less than a dozen times. In these cases, either the person fell while being thrown forward, or the bridle was poorly adjusted.
In this case EquiSure™ will give, as in other cases, the position of the rider but will not be able to follow the horse after he has dropped his bridle.
This is why it is essential to ensure that the horse is properly harnessed before any exercise.